VTM V12K Overview

EDGE V12K is a new generation of Payment Self- Service device that Combines remote
Video calls, Biological identification, Multi- touch, Display, Voucher Print, Stamp,
Banknote Recycle and other Functions.
EDGE V12K is modular designed, Integrates with the functions of cash dispense,
Deposit, Issue and read card, Issue USB key, Sign the document, Passbook renew
and others. With the audio and video technology, It can realize he traditional
counter function, Such as business consultation, Remote authorization,
Identification etc. That fully satisfy the customer by 24*7 Hours face to face
financial services remotely.

Key Features

• Integrate cash and non- cash transactions together which can highly save
the install room.
• Support counter business comprehensively. Scan and recycle the paper
voucher is available. It also can offer no- paper voucher which replaced by
electronic one. Inductance pen and entity pen, Biological identification
device such as finger print device can be configured.
• Has a compact appearance, Through the wall installation type and rear
maintenance design makes it convenience to do the maintenance.
• Safe, UL291 level 1 or CENL can be selected
• EPP is authorized by PCI international certification, National code certification,
Union pay PIN input device security certification.
• Integrated designed pin shield is much more artistically and toughly.
• Card reader slot is standard configured with active anti- skimming function.
• Card read and card issue device meets the PBOC/EMV standard.
• Support finger printer, ID card and other identification types.
• High definition camera is available, and also can offer dynamic electronic
code an intelligence video monitor device optionally.


Main Cabinet Description
Basic Unit  
ED9000S-BASIC1 ED9000 basic un
ED9000S-CCC CCC certified
ED9000S-KEY Key lock
ED9000S-UKL1 UKEY dispenser connection cables
ED9000S-BBL Bankbook module connection cable
Industrial PC  
ED9000S-Di54DG CPUi5 four cores, 4G memory, 500 G Harddisk, DVD- ROM
Display Unit  
ED9000S-LED 21” Video screen
ED9000S-TOUCH 19” Operation touch screen
ED9000S-PEN Signature pen
ED9000S-SOP 10,4” SOP screen
Card Reader/ Card issuer  
ED9000S-CARD1 Card reader & Card issuer
ED9000S-ASK1 Active anti-skimming module
ED9000S-PHONE Phone
ED9000S-PCAM Hign-definition video camera
ED9000S-MIC Microphone
ED9000S-AUDIO1 Loud Speaker
ED9000S-AUDIO2 Audio port
Printer Unit  
ED9000S-JPT1 Journal printer
ED9000S-RPT1 Receipt printer
ED9000S-A4P Document printer( With stamp module )
Scan Recycle Unit  
ED9000S-FASTRD Document scanner
ED9000S-2DR Barcode Reader
ED9000S-TAKE Document recycle module
EPP Module  
ED9000S-EPP3 PCI 4
ID Unit  
ED9000S-PD ID card reader
ED9000S-RF ICC/ Smart ID card reader
ED9000S-FINGER Finger printer scanner
U-170001-VTMSP SP driver/ Wosa/ XFS
ED9000S-PKGCHN1 Package of main cabinet
Side Cabinet Description
Basic Unit  
ED9000C-BASIC2 Side cabinet with cash
ED9000C-TR03-LS05 UL291 Safe
Cash Unit  
ED9000C-CRS1 5 Cassette recycle module
ED9000C-UKEY UKEY & box Dispenser
ED9000C-BANKBOOK Bankbook printer